Mid-November Round-Up

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Academic Wino will be taking a brief hiatus.  We will be back all new starting the week after Thanksgiving!


As always, I am always on the look out for guest bloggers!  If you have an idea, or are interested in writing but aren’t quite sure what to write about, please contact Becca at becca@academicwino.com/.

In the meantime, here is a round-up of posts I’ve written for you all since my last monthly round-up in mid-October!  Feel free to read any article you’d like, and don’t be shy about leaving your comments!

Winery Wastewater and Animal Manure: The New Alternative Fuel Source?

Virtual Vineyards: Using Microchips and GPS to Improve Vineyard Management

Grape Pomace: The Diabetes Wonderdrug

Phenolic Composition of Organically Grown Grapes Do Not Change with Different Winemaking Techniques

Alternatives to Copper in Combating Downy Mildew in Organic Viticulture

Enhancing the Sweet Nectar: The Effect of Pollen Addition on Fermentation and Sensory Characteristics of Mead

Millennials: Are Their Wine Preferences Globally Generalizable?

Wine Expertise: Is there a development process? Or are some just born lucky?

Targeting Vineyard Management Practices to Combat Early Onset of Ripening Caused by Climate Change

Wine Industry Waste as a Protein Supplement for Tilapia Feed Diets: Rice Wine Edition

To end today’s round-up, here is a ridiculously embarrassing photo of myself from way back during the Thanksgiving of 1998.  (Warning to vegetarians/vegans!):


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