Call for Guest Bloggers / Writers

Hello, readers!

I am writing this brief post to call out to all those interested in writing or blogging to consider submitting a guest post for The Academic Wino!

My long-term goal for this blog is to post daily with all the research, science, and generally knowledge related to wine the interwebs can handle!  However, my current life situation only allows me to post a couple of times per week!  That’s where you come in….

I’m looking for guest writers/bloggers to help fill in the holes throughout the week that I can not currently fill for one reason or another.  I accept a wide

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variety of topics, as long as they are related to wine (or grapes) and tied to academics in one way, shape, or form.

What was your favorite subject in high school or college?  In what way can you tie that subject in with wine?  Once you come up with an idea, shoot me the pitch and there’s a good chance you could end up with a post on The Academic Wino!

You don’t have to be a wine writer or wine blogger to write for me, but your article does need to be related to wine or grapes in some way.

All articles must been well researched, well written, well edited, and 100%  unique (cannot be found on any other site).

This is NOT a call for staff writers, as unfortunately, I can’t pay anyone right now.  I’m looking for someone to contribute a post or two every so often (or however many time they want, understanding that it’s unpaid).

If you are interested in writing guest posts for The Academic Wino, please contact me at:

I’m looking forward to reading your ideas!


I reserve the right to reject any article or any links.  I have a relatively strict advertising policy, so I will be keeping a hawks’ eye out for those.  Personal blogs and online CVs/portfolios are typically don’t fall under the advertising policy, but I reserve the right to deny any links I deem inappropriate.

Also, you will not be paid for these posts, sorry!