Featured Blog: The Illustrated Wine

I wanted to take a moment to introduce to you a very fun and very unique wine blog out there that is markedly different from everything else you see out there in the blogosphere.  The Illustrated Wine is a graphic wine blog by a WSET diploma candidate (Zelda), which features all of her own comics, illustrations, and graphics related to all things wine.  I recommend visiting her site, and please let her know that The Academic Wino sent you!

I was also very interested in featuring this particular blog on my site, since it covers the Fine Arts realm of academics, a side of academia that is rarely featured on this site.

Zelda was kind enough to send me some of her most recent work, this one related to the whole counterfeit wine trial of Rudy Kurniawan, to share with all the readers of The Academic Wino.  Enjoy, and while you’re at it, head on over to The Illustrated Wine to read more comics and to say hello to Zelda for me!

Cartoon by Zelda from The Illustrated Wine

Cartoon by Zelda from The Illustrated Wine

While wine, at times, can be a serious topic, I am all about having fun with it as well.  It is important to have a little fun while you’re learning about something that can be complicated at times, otherwise you’ll just end up getting very frustrated and burning out too quickly.

When you find yourself stressed out for one reason or another, maybe hop on over to Zelda’s blog and browse through some of her entertaining comics.  Being a WSET diploma candidate, she has enough background into wine to make her comics entertaining on more than just a superficial level.

I hope you all enjoy visiting The Illustrated Wine, and when you go there, please say “hi” to her and let her know that The Academic Wino sent you!  You may also follow The Illustrated Wine on Twitter:  @zeldasydney