Vineyard Science Hayride: September 22nd at Doukenie Winery: You’re all Invited!

It’s not every day that I have the opportunity to share with you science-based wine related events!  I’m very excited to share with you an event happening this weekend in Northern Virginia!  Read below for more!

Do you live in the mid-Atlantic region or will you be visiting the DC area on Saturday?  If so, I recommend you come out to this popular science-based vineyard hayride orchestrated by the geologist Leanne from Doukénie Winery.

Read further for more information about this fun and educational event:

Doukénie‘s in-house geologist, Leanne, orchestrates a science-based vineyard hayride elaborating on how a grape grower thinks, works, and lives. The word

Leanne speaking during MENSA wine tasting and cellar tour

“viticulturist” is about the only technical word you will hear as she explains in simple language how grapes are grown in Virginia.

Hear about the latest trends in vineyard maintenance, technology and review up-to-date maps showing local geology, landforms and water flow. Who are local growers turning to for advice? What holds grapevines up? Where should I plant a vineyard? How do some vineyards get by without irrigation? Why are stinkbugs no longer a major problem? How do we know when to harvest grapes? What is the new Middleburg AVA desigantion all about?

These questions and more can be answered at a kid-friendly level.

This event will occur during the Taste of Italy Festival THIS SATURDAY September 22nd at Doukénie Winery.  They are located at 14727 Mountain Road, Purceville, VA.  Click the link for the map.

Hayride tours begin at 12:30 and will continue until 6pm.  This is certainly a tour where you can drink while you are on the wagon!

Hayride photo taken by Dezel Quillin

Leanne tells me that she’s been giving these tours for about 5 years now.  It is important to note that the wagon fills up quickly.  Sometimes when the wagon returns from the tour to the drop off site, there are about 20 people waiting and the next hayride going out can only fit 15.

So yes, this means that there is a wait sometimes, but the tour is more than worth it.  The Taste of Italy festival-goers always pick this science-based viticulture hayride as one of the highlights of their visit.

I hope you’ll have a chance to attend this educational and fun event, and if you do go, please tell Leanne that The Academic Wino sent you!