Want Your Book Reviewed?

Many wine blogs allow wineries and wine makers to send wine samples to them to taste and review for their readers. 

This is not that kind of blog, however, I do accept “samples” that are more academic in nature.
What sort of samples are those?
That being said, if you have a wine book you’d like me to read and review for my readers, I’d love for you to send a copy to me.  Books may take on many forms; from textbooks, to fiction or nonfiction, to anything in between that has some sort of relation to wine.
Please, send me an email at becca@academicwino.com or fill out the contact form below with a brief description of the book, and links to any Amazon or other site that shows it is legitimate.  At that point, I will let you know what mailing address to send it to.
Thank you, and I am looking forward to reading your books!


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