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The Influence of Moderate Wine Consumption and Ambiance on Mood: A Psychological and Physiological Analysis

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It has been well documented that mood is affected in part by the endocannaboid system in both animals and humans. Specifically, levels of various endocannaboids (ECs) and their receptors have been directly implicated in mental health conditions such as anxiety…

Water Dowsing: Science, Magic, or Crazy Talk?

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The following article is my latest contribution to the print magazine SOMM Journal. I feel very honored to have been given the opportunity to write for this fantastic periodical and encourage each and every one of you to check it…

Importance of Wine Label Information to Hong Kong Chinese Consumers: Preliminary Data and Implications for Wine Marketing

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For the average consumer, the wine label is one of the most important things taken into consideration while on the hunt for a bottle of wine to purchase. With so many choices lining the store aisles, what’s written on the…