Off the Vine with Benita and Terricinia Radio Show featuring The Academic Wino

I recently had the pleasure of participating in a fun and laid-back discussion about all things wine this past Friday, December 12th on the “Off The Vine with Benita and Terricinia Radio Show”.


“Terricinia and I do a weekly radio show about nothing more than wine.  We are by no means wine snobs.  Yes, we both completed the first level of testing/certification towards becoming a Master Sommelier but have no interest of completing the process.” Benita said.  “We find drinking and communing with the “average wine consumer” far more fun and meaningful.”

During the show this past Friday, we talked about how The Academic Wino was born, my recent post on using red wine-based marinade to potentially protect against Salmonella and E. coli infection in meats, as well as my piece on The Alcohol Professor discussing the science behind the “red wine bath” and what I really thought of the practice.

Nothing too scientific, so grab yourself a glass of wine and enjoy!

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To hear more from the lovely Benita and Terricinia, go to, search on Off The Vine with Benita and Terricinia (or just click here) and pick anyone of the archived shows to listen.  Or listen on Fridays at 3:00 pm EST.